Gothic fashion - dark beauty and alternative aesthetics

The roots of the Gothic style in music and culture date back to the 1980s. It also quickly became a unique and recognizable fashion movement that inspires to this day. Gothic fashion refers to the aesthetics of dark romanticism, medieval mystery and Victorian dignity. It is definitely more than just a way of dressing - it is a form of self-expression and manifesting individualism.


Gothic style clothes are mainly characterized by the color black, although in later years other dark shades were also introduced, such as burgundy, deep purple and green. The characteristic elements of Gothic clothing are primarily lace and velvet - materials that add elegance but also mystery to the outfits. Gothic dresses and shirts are usually richly decorated with lace. In addition, jackets, trousers, as well as waist-emphasizing and expressive corsets, which are also an inseparable element of the Gothic wardrobe, are made of black leather. Both women and men who prefer the Gothic style often wear long coats or capes. Men's and women's variants of this costume are usually made of heavy, richly decorated materials. For special occasions, elements referring to the Victorian era, such as: gothic skirt or a shirt with ruffles and ruffles, adding chic and elegance.


Gothic shoes These are usually heavy, military boots decorated with studs, chains and buckles. In addition, on the pages of the Gothic online store you can often find high, massive platform shoes, the so-called creepers, which look really impressive and also add height. Other proposals that match Gothic fashion include cowboy boots, often decorated with skulls and crosses, and elegant Victorian boots with lace decorations and characteristic lacing.


Gothic style is more than just appearance - it is also a philosophy and a way of being. Gothic ideology includes, among others, individualism, fascination with the ars moriendi motif and mystery, as well as romanticism. Gothic is a celebration of otherness, expressing one's uniqueness and not giving in to social patterns. People who identify as goth are often outsiders, follow their own path and emphasize individualism.


The Gothic style is extremely complex and multi-layered. It combines elements of fashion, ideology and subculture. It is an expression of deep aesthetics and personal philosophy that has gained wide recognition and has become an inseparable element of contemporary alternative culture. Gothic platform shoes, gothic dresses with the addition of lace, as well as characteristic makeup combined with accessories are the perfect assortment for every goth who wants to emphasize their belonging to the subculture through their appearance.

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