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From festivals to urban landscapes, versatile clothes that you can imagine yourself in: overflowing with Boho Chic, Steampunk, Streetwear that represent the subcultures we love the most, from punk to Gothic, Gothic shoes, corsets, Gothic dresses, handbags and much more!

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Gothic jewelry

Revive your style and express your uniqueness with our necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings, carefully designed for lovers of dark elegance. Combine your favorite clothes with our accessories to create a look that will attract attention and express your unique style.



Gothic shoes

With our gothic shoes, you will create a distinctive and phenomenal styling that will attract attention and emphasize your individuality. Whether you prefer high Chelsea boots with decorative buckles or elegant ankle boots with decorative details, our collection has everything you need to express your dark style.



Gothic dresses

Our gothic dresses are full of intricate details, from lace inserts to decorative embroidery and metal accents. Whether you prefer long, flowing hooded dresses or short, extravagant mini-dresses, our collection provides a wealth of choice so you can find the perfect model for yourself.


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Please take advantage of our worldwide delivery service for gothic clothing! We are proud to deliver our unique products to customers around the world. Thanks to our service, you can enjoy the latest gothic fashion trends, no matter where you are.

Our delivery is fast and reliable, with turnaround time ranging from 7 to 21 business days, depending on location. Thanks to our global logistics partnership, we are able to provide customers with high quality service, regardless of the distance.

We give you the opportunity to express your individuality through our unique gothic clothes, and our global delivery means you can wear your favorite styles wherever you go. Don't wait any longer - order today and join our international community of gothic fashion lovers!

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In our gothic clothes store, we care about your satisfaction, which is why we offer a simple and transparent returns policy. If for any reason you are not fully satisfied with the purchased product, you have up to 14 days to decide to return it.

The returns process is easy and hassle-free. Just contact our customer service department and we will quickly provide you with all the necessary information and support in making your return. We guarantee a quick response to your inquiry and professional service throughout the entire process.

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We maintain the original style and the latest design

In our company, we combine original style with modern design, creating unique Gothic clothes that delight both tradition lovers and modern fashion enthusiasts.

Our designers are constantly looking for inspiration in the Gothic heritage, exploring its mysterious charm and wealth of details. At the same time, we constantly experiment with new forms, fabrics and techniques to create fresh, modern interpretations of classic Gothic motifs.

The result of our work are clothes that not only pay tribute to the tradition and history of Gothic, but also meet contemporary trends and customer expectations. Our collections are full of unique cuts, unusual details and expressive accents that give our clothes a unique character and personality.

We continually strive to ensure that our clothing is an expression of individuality and uniqueness, while maintaining a fresh, modern style that appeals to the modern customer. Join our community and discover how originality and modernity go hand in hand in our gothic clothing collection!

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Our store makes it a priority to provide support that is user-friendly. Our customer service team is here to help you with every step of your shopping journey. Whether you need sizing advice, product information or help with the ordering process, you can count on our full attention and assistance.

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Learn more about the Gothic style

Where to buy gothic style clothes?

Gothic clothes shop - Discover your dark beauty

The Gothic style of clothing is an interesting alternative for people who want to express their personality with dark, elegant clothes. When looking for such clothing, it is worth paying attention to stores that specialize in gothic clothes. Here are some suggestions to help you find the perfect place to purchase clothes that express your dark side.

Internet shops :

Nowadays, online shopping has become a popular way to get your dream clothes. Online stores offer many opportunities to purchase gothic clothes with the convenience of not leaving your home. When browsing online stores, remember to check some important information. Make sure the store has good customer reviews, trustworthy ratings and a wide selection. Also check if the store offers a variety of sizes to suit your individual needs. An example of such a store would be - the best gothic clothes store!

Stationary stores:

For those who would prefer to see for themselves the quality and appearance of gothic clothes, stationary stores are an excellent option. A goth clothing store may be harder to find, but it's worth doing some research in your area. Look out for stores that specialize in alternative fashion, such as punk, gothic or emo. Such stores usually offer a wide selection of gothic clothing, as well as accessories such as jewelry, shoes and handbags.

Alternative fairs and festivals:

Another interesting place to look for gothic clothes are alternative fairs and festivals. At these types of events, you can meet many independent designers and sellers offering unique and handmade clothes related to the gothic subculture. A visit to such an event will not only allow you to find original clothes, but will also enable you to meet people with similar interests and delve into the atmosphere of alternative fashion.

What does the Gothic style look like in clothes?

The Gothic style in clothing is unique and distinctive. It is a combination of mysterious, dark and romantic elements that creates a unique aesthetic. Here are some features that define the Gothic style in clothes:

  1. Dark colors : Black is the basic color in the Gothic style. However, other dark shades, such as burgundy, navy blue, purple or black, are also often used in Gothic clothes. These colors emphasize the mystery and elegance of this style.
  2. Lace and embroidery : Lace elements and embroidered details are common in Gothic clothing. They add delicacy and romance to the dark character of the outfit. Lace inserts, cuffs and upper parts of dresses are just some examples.
  3. Lace sleeves : A characteristic element of Gothic clothes are sleeves in the style of exclusive period dresses. Sleeves can come in a variety of shapes and lengths, from trumpet sleeves to puffy sleeves. This adds drama and elegance to the outfit. A perfect example would be gothic top with a spiderweb motif.
  4. Shapes and styles: Gothic style offers a variety of shapes and styles of clothes. You can find hourglass dresses, corsets, A-line skirts and long-sleeved sweatshirts with embroidery. The Gothic style allows you to experiment and express your individuality.
  5. Accessories: Gothic clothes are often decorated with accessories that emphasize the style. Popular accessories include belts, chains, large hair clips, lace gloves, decorative brooches and heavy necklaces. These accessories add character and completeness to the gothic look.


Gothic style in clothes is a combination of dark aesthetics, romanticism and elegance. Black colors, lace, lace sleeves, various shapes and styles, as well as unique accessories create a unique look. A gothic clothing store is the perfect place where you can find the right clothes to express your personality and fall in love with this mysterious and alluring style.

What do Goth women wear?

Goth women are people who follow the Gothic style both in clothing and in their entire lifestyle. They have unique taste and choose clothes that reflect their individuality. Here are some typical wardrobe items that we can see in Goth women:

  1. Dresses : Dresses are a common choice for Goth women. They can have different lengths and styles, from long, pleated dresses to short, playful trapeze dresses. They are often decorated with lace, embroidery and other details that add a specific charm to them.
  2. Skirts : Skirts are another popular item in the Gotek's wardrobe. They can be mini, midi or maxi, the choice depends on preferences and occasions. Goth women often choose skirts with strong shapes, such as A-line, pleated or flared skirts. They can be decorated with metal buckles, chains or lace inserts.
  3. Corsets : Corsets are a characteristic element of the Gothic style and often mentioned when talking about Goth fashion. They are the perfect combination of dark and romantic aesthetics. Goth women wear corsets both as separate pieces of clothing and as parts of dresses or blouses. They add a feminine figure and accentuate the waist.
  4. Blouses : Goth women love blouses with unique details. They can be decorated with lace inserts, embroidery, glitter or studs. They often have puffy sleeves or lace cuffs, which emphasize the Gothic character of the outfit. Blouses can be worn both every day and on special occasions.
  5. Accessories : Gothic style would not be complete without the right accessories. Goth women often wear metal necklaces, rings, large earrings and bracelets that add mystery and expressiveness. Black make-up, many rings on fingers, heavy shoes and velvet handbags are also popular accessories used in the Gothic style.


Goth women choose clothes that suit their unique lifestyle and personality. Dresses, skirts, corsets, blouses and accessories are common items that can be seen in their wardrobe. The Gothic style is a reflection of mystery, romance and expressiveness, and the Gothic clothing store offers a wide selection of items that will help create a complete Gothic look.

How to choose the right emo dress

Emo is a subculture that is known for its characteristic styles expressing emotions and personality. If you value this style, choosing the right dress may be an important aspect of creating your individual emo look. Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect emo dress.

  1. Choose dark colors : The emo style is dominated by dark and expressive colors, such as black, navy blue, burgundy or purple. When choosing a dress, choose these colors to maintain the characteristic emo atmosphere. Avoid light pastels or intense neons that do not fit this style.
  2. Pay attention to the cut and detail : Emo is a style in which attention is focused on details. Choose a dress with an original cut that stands out from others. It may be an asymmetrical dress , with ruffles, lace, studs or embroidery. An example would be a dress tied at the back or with a V-neck. It is important that the dress has elements that emphasize your individuality.
  3. Check the length of the dress : The length of the dress is also important when creating an emo look. Typically, emo style is associated with short and medium-long dresses that show off the legs. However, long dresses with denim fabric or romantic embroidery can also suit this style. Choose the length of the dress that will best highlight your figure and make you feel confident.
  4. Experiment with patterns : Emo style allows you to express yourself through patterns. Choose a dress with geometric patterns, floral, striped or checkered motifs. You can also combine different patterns and create contrasts that will add character to your look.
  5. Match your accessories: An emo dress is just one part of your style. It is important to match it with appropriate accessories that will complement the whole. You can choose heavy shoes, e.g. boots or Dr. Martens boots, which will complement the emo look. They will add character and create a contrast with the delicacy of the dress. Well-chosen jewelry, such as cross necklaces, black headbands or goth-style sleeves, can also be a great addition.


Choosing the right emo dress is an important step in creating your individual emo style. It is worth remembering about the colors, style, details, length of the dress and matching accessories. Emo style is an expression of emotion and individuality, so it is important that the dress reflects your personality. Experiment, play with fashion and create your authentic emo look.